Slightly Bonkers Designs

Art by Caley Bourdon

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A portfolio of Interactive Art,

Stage Design and Environments

by Caley Bourdon

The Arcane Axis -
Bass Coast Project 2018
Stage Design
The Circuitree
The Orca Project
All Hail Bublé!

Who is Slightly Bonkers?

Caley Bourdon

A Vancouver based builder, tinkerer, interactive artist and aspiring Wizard. Caley's installations aim to inspire a sense of wonder in those who encounter them (even if that's merely wondering why on earth he's bothered doing this). Every new installation builds on lessons from those before but also aim to break new ground, use new mediums and materials and push the boundaries of the surreal, psychedelic and magical.

Caley tries to make use of as many recycled, repurposed and donated materials as possible to minimize environmental impact and benefit from the plethora of amazing parts and pieces already out in the world. Each installation has some interactive element whether that be lighting, sound, moving parts or climbable/tactile structures. These interactions are always targeted at being accessible and intuitive to the casual participant but also have more nuance and layers of intention for those people who take more time to explore the installations and their many facets.

Projects highlighted in this portfolio have appeared at festivals including BassCoast, Burning Man, Otherworld and Burn in the Forest. Caley has built many other pieces including stages for both ShahDJs and Digital Motion in Vancouver. When not working on art Caley works as a Crew Chief building modular stage structures professionally for festivals and live events all over North America and the UK; including Glastonbury, Reading Festival, the Goodwin Festival of Speed, Pemberton Fest, the Canada Games and many others locally in Vancouver.

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