Slightly Bonkers Designs

Art by Caley Bourdon

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The Orca Project

The Orca Project was a series of custom fabricated structures resembling a pod of Orca Whales breaking the surface of the ocean. Measuring 48', 36' and 24' the three whales formed one of Vancouver's largest ever installations at Burning Man. The 48' whale was a structure complete with entrance leading to a beautiful and intimate interior where participants could get away from the chaos of the playa and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

The installation made showcased at Otherworld, Burn in the Forest and Burning Man in 2016; it was burned at the latter on Thursday night in front of a crowd of 5000+. 

Designed by Erik More

Built by Erik More, Caley Bourdon and Stacey Beamer

Installed at Burning Man with the help of a committed team of 10+